Kids for God Movement

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A Unique & Divine Movement

The Kids for God Movement (KFGM) is unique and divine in that this timely movement serves to bring very young children into best, best friendships with God and Jesus Christ.  The more grown-up support, the better we are able to help families raise spiritually healthy kids in a spiritually unhealthy world.

What Grown-Up Support Does

Moreover, grown-up support makes annual product donations possible to such nonprofits as The Children’s Attention Home and Loving Arms, Inc.

The products that we donate are of a high quality, designed to strengthen the spirituality of young children early on in life.

Spiritual Messages for Little Ears

All products carry child-friendly, whimsical spiritual messages. These messages serve to bring little ones closer to their new found best, best friends: God & Jesus Christ.

Our Grown-up Support Pin

Because our supporters are essential to KFGM’s success, we created – just for grownups – a whimsical, colorful lapel pin. Wearing this pin affirms grownup support of kids becoming best, best friends with God and Jesus Christ. 

In fact, the KFG lapel pin brings awareness to spiritually needy children in the same way  grownups wearing green ribbons bring awareness to childhood depression.  From where I sit, there are far too many children deprived of knowing the awesomeness of The Creator and His Son.  And that’s sad.


In conclusion, your support of little ones becoming best, best friends with God and Jesus Christ is much needed.  It takes many villages to bring important projects to fruition.  Heaven knows, you’ll be glad you took that spiritual plunge.  So, if you are ready to join us, please read and complete the following steps.  Thanks for your interest.

1  To purchase pins, click on KFG lapel support pin;

 Take & share a creative selfie wearing the pin with your social media network.

3  Encourage your social media network to do the same as you.

4 Tag our FB page with all those creative selfies.