Kids for God Movement

Being Best, Best Friends With God & Jesus

Children Bible story sessions can indeed be a more desirable plan that brings parents and kids into best, best friendships with God and Jesus Christ.  In fact, children’s Bible stories are the very foundation for our online Home Sunday School.  This unique Home Sunday School Program utilizes spiritual kid-friendly stories to enable livelier parent/child spiritual interaction.

A Sinking Ship

When my sons were little, I wanted them to know and be friends with The Creator and Jesus right away. I chose children Bible stories to execute the mission.

Sometimes, I’d find interesting stories online that I’d select and read as the boys listened. Other times, hubby, the boys and I gathered in the family room. Again, I’d choose and read the stories as before. Now, as far as I was concerned, our spiritual gatherings were fantastic.

However, that wasn’t the case. How could I have been so blind? Right in front of my eyes hubby and children were fighting off sleep, rolling eyeballs and twitching. I felt defeated. Needless to say, these spiritual gatherings were anything but fantastic.

Consequently, I almost threw in the towel. But I didn’t. Instead, I wised up and asked for The Father’s help. God informed my brain I needed to teach like Jesus. Jesus was a master story-teller who held a crowd’s interest effortlessly. Through His stories, Jesus simplified complexed topics.

Teaching Like Jesus

I thanked The Father for answering me, rolled up my sleeves and moved confidently ahead. Hubby and children gave me another chance at the teaching game. As a result, Bible story sessions became more interesting, engaging and joyful. Everyone had a voice. And, without exaggeration, Jesus and other Bible characters walked about the room freely.  Imaginatiions were working over-time.

How Bible Story Sessions Stimulate Imagination

Indeed,  Bible story sessions better stimulate kid/grownup imaginations more so than adult Bible study sessions. Imagination is a God-given tool to be used in understanding complex Biblical topics. Jesus spoke in parables, which are stories. He spoke that way so that people would have better understanding of His Father’s Word.

Undeniably, imagination is an awesome gift because it transforms words in to pictures. Alas, Bible stories come to life, and hubby, children and I find ourselves on camels that transport us back in time.

Cobbled stone streets are everywhere. We see Jesus working side by side with His earthly father, Joseph.  Then, Mary beckons us to come inside. She serves freshly baked bread, goat milk, cheese and dates. Mary speaks lovingly about Her Son. Jesus and Joseph joins us. The hour grows late.

Finally, Hubby, kids and I are back home from our imaginative, spiritual journey. Thanks to how children Bible stories stimulate imagination, we have a deeper appreciation and undersanding of Jesus Christ.