Kids for God Movement


Singing for our wonderful Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ, is such a yummy thing to do – especially when grownups and little ones sing, hum, clap and harmonize together for heaven’s pleasure.

Bible Stories

Flip through these beautifully illustrated stories about amazing events throughout the Bible, starting at the very beginning.


Memory Game

Click the tiles to find the pair that match.

Word Search

Search up, down and side to side to find the words in the Bible. Word search topics include Apostles, books of the Bible, animals, birds and more…

Parent Resources

FREE lessons and activities for families to use in their own Home Sunday School program.

Kid's Coloring Book

Coloring Book

Color these pictures Bible Story illustrations right online or print them out and color them with your favorite arts and crafts supplies.

Puzzle Fun

A fun online puzzle game with lots of colorful Bible Story illustrations.