Kids for God Movement

A Beautiful Parnership

The Mission

Our mission, vision and goals set the KFGM stage to assist parents as well as teachers raise spiritually healthy children in a world that apparently has shoved true spirituality in a very dark corner.  Many parents desire more for their little ones – spiritually speaking.  They desire a unique approach to bringing their youngsters into genuine friendships with The Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Knowing how to raise spiritually healthy children is extremely important in today’s society.

Hence, the KFGM mission encourages grown-ups worldwide to support little ones in becoming best, best friends with God and Jesus Christ.  This kind of support breathes life into unique ideas via kid-friendly spiritual products.  These products are donated so children – from all walks of life – can experience the warm friendship of The Creator and His Son.

The Vision

In addition, there is the vision: We see down the road an endless sea of enthusiastic grown-up KFGM supporters.  Each and every grown-up wears a Kids for God Lapel pin, proudly showing support.  It is this grown-up involvement that makes the KFGM foundation that much stronger.

The Goals

The Kids for God Movement strives toward inspiring at home parent/child spiritual time-outs through innovative, whimsical spiritual resources and teaching tools.

Another KFGM goal is to develop strong, spiritual parent/child interaction within the comfort of the home.  Also, we look to invigorate more parent/child meaningful chit-chats about the magnficence of God and Jesus Christ.

Lastly, KFGM wants very much to reverse cycles of teen pregnancies, disrespect, violence, etc. by helping parents instill spiritual guidance during the early stages of their children’s development.