Kids for God Movement

The KFGM Family Welcomes Media Interest

Please feel free to click on each of the media kit links below.  Then, warm a cup of your favorite beverage.  Now, relax as you glance through each component of our KFGM media kit.  In fact, enjoy the unique, spiritual journey you’re about to enter on.

Moreover,  you’ll find that each link gives an indepth account of who and what the Kids for God Movement (KFGM) is all about.  Hopefully, when you have finished our media journey, you’ll feel the same as we do.  KFGM is all about assisting families – worldwide- in raising spiritually healthy children in a spiritually unhealthy world.

Hence, the Kids for God Movement family looks forward to hearing from you.  Join Us in the movement.  Heaven knows, you’ll be glad you did.





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