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Way to Go Young Writers

Creative story writing by kids 4 kids allows children free expression.   In addition, a young author can help kids turn their lives around for the better.  Stories by kids for kids can do just that.  When you think about it, youngsters listen more to each other than they do to adults. 

Hence, children can definitely benefit from stories by young authors.  One such benefit is that a story can provide the wherewithal youngsters need in order to build confidence.  Another benefit is the story’s characters –  particularly those super-hero types.  The influence they have over young readers is simply phenomenal.   

However, it’s a good thing because these influential characters can help young readers find both their inner and outer strengths to combat bullying.  And, low self-esteem becomes a thing of the past.  YEAH!  

Moreover, youngsters that read works by other youngsters begin to realize new found strengths.  Unwanted issues slowly diminish.  Clearer pathways to persuing dreams are more of a reality.  It’s a no brainer.  Once a child finds his or her self-worth, it’s onward and upward  from there. 

Undoubtedly, stories by kids for kids have merit.  Many youngsters continue to benefit from the stories.  Perhaps, it’s the honesty from one kid to another kid.

Story Guidelines

  • Parents feel free to help your young writers
  • Stories should be double spaced
  • Keep stories between 200-300 words 
  • Email stories to: 


  • All stories must be in between the months of Janurary 1st and March 31st.
  • Include child’s first/last name, age and a photograph
  • Include an email address and telephone number.  
  • We reserve the right to edit stories without changing content, but copyrights remain the properties of the authors.
  • Selected stories shall only be used on Kids for God Movement, Inc. website unless given permission to use elsewhere.