Affiliate Program

How To Become An Affiliate

If you are already an affiliate, login.

Anyone applying as a Kids for God Movement Affiliate (KFGM) must have a strong social media base.  Please follow the simple steps below:

  • Register (bottom of page) as a KFGM Affiliate…Heaven Knows, you’ll be glad you did!
  • Purchase a KFGM Lapel Pin to wear proudly as a supporter of little ones becoming best, best friends with God & Jesus Christ;
  • Take a creative selfie of you wearing your KFGM Lapel Pin;
  • Then, send the selfie to us so we can add it to our Gallery of Grownup Supporters;
  • Encourage your social media network of family & friends to get their KFGM Lapel Pins;
  • Make sure your social media network continues to forward the email (they received from you) to their social media networks of family & friends;

An active status affiliate receives$1 for every KFGM lapel pin purchase that he/she makes through his/her social media network.

Imagine! one million pin purchases equals $1,000,000.

Interested in becoming a KFGM affiliate?  Please register to apply.