Kids for God Movement

How To Become An Affiliate

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Anyone applying as a Kids for God Movement Affiliate (KFGM) must have a well-organized KFGM Fundraising Campaign team made up of committed grown-ups with a strong social media network of family, friends, etc.  Please follow the simple steps below:

  • KFGM Affiliate registers at bottom of page  Affiliate
  • Each fundraising team member takes a creative selfie wearing his/her KFGM Lapel Pin;
  • Each fundraising team member continues to email KFGM’S special code to his/her social media network of family & friends, encouraging them to get their KFGM Lapel Pins & “Be In”.

For every lapel pin purchase made through the organization’s fundraising campaign team, the organization receives $1.50

Imagine! one million pins purchased = 1.5 million dollars for your organization.

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