Accomplishments of Founder/CEO Alecia Thurston

Ms. Thurston’s accomplishments are many. And, with every award recognition, the acceptance is always one of humility and grace. Indeed, Ms. Thurston is an unpretentious woman. She has no problem giving credit where credit is due. Perhaps, that’s why God chose Alecia as His Founder & CEO. That’s something to think about.

In addition, Ms. Thurston constantly searches for ways to utilize her accomplishments to benefit family, friends, colleagues and students. For example, students don’t go unrewarded for their efforts. Many have been happy recipients of Red Lobster gift cards.

An Outstanding Educator

As an educator, Alecia continues to introduce students to creative and exciting projects. Consequently, students are stimulated and eager to learn.  Indeed, Ms. Thurston’s accomplishments as an educator gain much respect from other educators. Several of whom have copied Alecia’s best teaching practices. No worries! Ms. Thurston has more, but they’re probably under lock and key. What do you think?

Most importantly, though, students deserve inspiration. So, thanks to The Open Classroom Program that Ms. Thurston attended while she was a student at Queens College, students are continuously learning in amazing and innovative ways. The classroom comes alive with energetic questions and responses.

Achievements As A Writer & Artist

Ms. Thurston’s illustrations, writings and designs are an intricate part of the many kid-friendly products she creates to donate. For example, Christian non-profits like The Children’s Attention Home and Loving Arms receive annual donations on an annual basis.

All of Ms. Thurston’s products contain whimsical, spiritual kid-friendly messages that bring children closer to God and Jesus Christ. As a result, best friendships with The Creator, Jesus and children are formed. Needless to say, the ability to bring little ones and their parents closer to God and Christ is a feat Ms. Thurston so proudly embraces.